Our Vision Strategy & Strength

Our Vision

  • We want to be our partners’ and suppliers’ first choice.
  • We want to reach a dominant market position through superior product and process quality.
  • We want rock-solid relationships and connections in the semiconductor and manufacturing industry.
  • We want to be rapid and reliable in response and engagement.
  • We want to identify strategic partners in order to execute large and complex projects, with cost effective set-up, and without compromising on quality.
  • We want to build up well established personal relationship to clients.
  • We want to create attractive working conditions, motivating our employees to work efficiently and to take over responsibility in their activity areas.
  • We want to have first-in-class R&D engineers & Program Managers.
  • We want to introduce and maintain an effective integrated management system on the base of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • We want to guarantee clear and well organized internal processes through the implementation of an effective and economical quality and environment management system.
  • We want to ensure environmental awareness throughout our daily activities.
  • We want to continuously develop and improve our quality and environment standards.

Our Strength

  • First-in-class R&D engineers & Program Managers
  • System, test, qualification and productization know-how
  • Software and protocol stack expertise
  • Experienced management team
  • Rock-solid relationships and connections into the semiconductor and manufacturing industry

How We Reach Our Goal

  • Rapid and reliable in response and engagement
  • Focused engineering team assignment with respect to required skillset
  • Expert vetting and management of production parties (foundries, packaging partners, test houses, etc.)
  • Innovative pricing models
  • Building business thanks to well established personal relationships to clients
  • Identify strategic partners in order to execute, with cost effective set-up, large and complex projects, without compromising on quality