About Us

Company Profile

Photeon Technologies is an innovative company offering a wide range of specialized engineering services and IP components.

Our services include EDS and VLSI design and management of the entire outsourcing processes.

EDS and VLSI Design Offerings

  • Complete suite of VLSI design and engineering services: from architecture definition to layout and backend services, including verification and test
  • Experienced consultancy and services in rapidly growing segments of automotive, security, industrial, audio, media and wireless system applications
  • Engineering solutions and custom designed electronic and photonic components including cells, libraries and generators

Management of the Entire Outsourcing Processes

  • We support our clients with the definition and management of the entire outsourcing process
  • We assist our clients in defining and implementing outsourcing strategies tailored to specific needs
  • We are acting as the single point of contact or main contractor in such outsourcing process

ISO Certification

The company Photeon Technologies is ISO certified.