Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals are microscopically structured materials, whose unique properties have changed our view of optics and opened up new ways of processing light.

Photonic bandgaps

The key to photonic crystal structures lies in their periodicity, which enables the so-called photonic bandgaps to be formed. These are frequency ranges where no photon can enter the structure, and in which the photonic crystal reflects light perfectly. Outside the bandgap, dispersion and propagation properties are drastically altered. These unique properties enable us to guide, bend and manipulate light on a micron scale.


Photonic crystals are based on silicon-compatible materials and can be processed using technology that is already being employed on a daily basis by the semiconductor industry. Here at Photeon Technologies, our research is focused on planar, two-dimensional photonic crystal structures, which can be manufactured from conventional SOI substrates or integrated into multi-layer structures.

Why photonic crystals?

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