Thomas Lorünser CEO
Thomas Lorünser joined the company by end of 2007 and acts as its CEO. Prior to that, he served as Vice President Operations at Wipro responsible for all operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before, he was Chief Financial Officer at NewLogic also managing the M&A process of the company with Wipro. Thomas had served as the assistant for economic affairs to the prime minister of the state of Vorarlberg, Austria. He began his career as a US based (Houston, Texas) project manager for the Austrian foreign office and gained experience in different consultancy firms.
Andreas Schneider VP Engineering
Andreas Schneider joined Photeon in 2014 and is serving as its Vice President of Engineering. In 1997 Andreas joined the company “NewLogic” and worked on multiple Bluetooth, WIFI, GSM and GPS projects as well as ASICS for Automotive and Industrial applications. In 2006 NewLogic was acquired by Wipro Ltd. Andreas transferred as a part of the initial NewLogic team to Photeon.